Our Services

Our Services


The art of trenching is micro-trenching and we can pride ourselves of being the masters of this art, not only because we have the best knowhow and we are the most experienced in the market, but because we are the only ones to have specialized machinery and most importantly we are the ones to fully commit when undertaking any project.

So when the need arises to lay fiber optic cables in a narrow and shallow trench whether this trench is cut into roads, highways or other surfaces, Peanan is the best and only choice in the market. Our surgical-type trenching and trenching-refilling are exclusive tasks which we are very proud of.
Additional to micro-trenching, we do manholes and normal trenching.

Fiber Optics Cable Pulling / Blowing

At Peanan, we are very proud of our full collection of machinery, equipment and tools needed for any telecom construction work – from miles of micro-trenching to manholes There are two basic methods of cable installation in a preinstalled duct – Pulling method and Blowing method. We do both.
We select the appropriate method based on the site conditions and availability of resources.

Whether we use the pulling method (which requires pulling rope to be pre-installed and manpower at the two ends manually pulling the ropes) or the blowing method (where forces on cable and duct can be monitored and controlled) we make sure that the quality of the end result is always of the best standards.

Manholes Installation

We deploy all types of new or existing telecom manholes while at the same time we ensure that the process is kept at the best quality and within safety standards. Manhole installation of precast concrete or of other materials is a process which needs careful actions: from accurate levelling of the formation of the concrete foundation, to the pre-installation measurement of the depth and to the actual fitting testing and the sealing of the manholes.

Throughout this whole process we strictly follow all safety and ISO procedures and we ensure that the end result is always up to Peanan standards.

Pavement Construction

Peanan designs and builds all types of pavements; not only the traditional pavements which are used by pedestrians running parallel to and on either side of a road, but also paved areas such as pedestrianized streets, patios, courtyards, driveways and so on.

Whichever your need is, we can help you identify and use the most appropriate materials. We can construct pavements using concrete, asphalt, flagstone, cobblestone, artificial stone, bricks, tiles and timber. Furthermore, our quality control pavement starts with adequate preparation of the existing soil surface until the deliverance of the completed work.


Building a bridge is a complex process requiring knowledge and expertise. Several variables, including engineering constraints, costs and environmental impacts come into play when deciding which construction method to use and bridge type to build.

Peanan has experience with a wide variety of construction methods, from repairing historic structures to erecting modern concrete bridges. We certainly understand the importance of working closely with local road and infrastructure authorities and agencies and we can deliver end results within specs and time frames.

We closely follow the evolution of bridge construction as well as the methods and we are in a position to offer bridge construction options which reduce overall construction schedules and improve long-term service of life structure.


Fiber Optic drop cable is designed to connect a fiber optics network to a subscriber’s dwelling in order to help increase speed for internet data and streaming services. This process known as Fiber to the Home (FTTH) or Fiber to the Premises etc., is a process undertaken by Peanan. We install fiber optics cables underground or aerially from a pole, to a house a building or any other premise externally and internally.

Drop cable is an important part of the FTT(x) network because it forms the final external link between the subscriber and the feeder cable and therefore attention to the last detail must be given. Our experienced team does exactly this.

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