About Us

About Us

Our Story

Peanan Ltd is a construction company specializing in telecommunication infrastructure services. The company, founded in 1983 by Andreas Karasialis, was initially undertaking subcontracting telecommunication civil-work projects, mainly with CYTA. It was the time when the digital technology was introduced to CYTA’s network creating the need to build a parallel digital network overlaying the existing analogue one.

In the decade that followed, the company’s business direction was guided by two important factors: the acquisition of its own Technical Construction License in 1993, which allowed the company to go from subcontracting to undertaking its own projects. The second factor was Cyta’s network expansion all over Cyprus, which gave Peanan extensive know-how and expertise.

This telecom infrastructure expertise, in combination with top quality work offered by the company, were successfully utilized first by becoming Cyta’s sole telecom infrastructure construction services provider and second by undertaking the first projects of the newly introduced MTN, opening up the Telecommunications landscape in Cyprus.

Peanan gained fame for its high professional standards, for delivering top quality work in any telecom infrastructure project undertaken and for its high standard of work ethics. It is not a surprise that in the years to followed, all new telecommunication companies joining the Cyprus market would first turn to Peanan for their infrastructure needs. In the early 2000’s for example, Peanan was Cablenet’s exclusive partner during the provider’s early years.

Peanan was not only offering telecom infrastructure services such as fiber projects, fiber splicing, fiber pulling and many more, but also it was offering additional land development services such as pavement construction, bridge designs and construction of soccer stadiums.

Since its early days, Peanan has always played an important role in the Cyprus Telecom Infrastructure; a fast-growing and necessary sector which brought internet, TV and telephone into the businesses and homes of thousands of people throughout Cyprus.

Its decision in 2019 to become a strategic partner of RedMax, the ultimate telecom technology company of the island, was in a way a natural outcome of Peanan’s forty years of experience; being a RedMax Group member, Peanan looks to the future with great potential.

Guiding Principles

Our company offers exclusive services to the Telecoms industry which practically defines the lives of most people of today and tomorrow. As such, the results of our actions and the quality of the work we deliver affect these poeple directly or indirectly, now and in the future.

The commitment we make to these people is the long-term investment in the prosperity of our business. Our consistent approach to satisfying the legitimate interests of these people and the people we are directly involved with, is our major guiding principle. This is our prime guiding principle: dedicated commitment to all areas of our business.

Dedicated commitment to our people
Dedicated commitment to our customers
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Dedicated commitment to our suppliers
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We commit that when you invent it we make it happen.

Meet the team

Most of our team members have been with us for many years with extensive expertise in what they are specialized for and commitment to deliver top quality.