Opening channels; Constructing ways; Connecting technologies to create “the long and winding road that leads to your door” …


The art of trenching is micro-trenching and we can pride ourselves of being the masters of this art, not only because we have…

Fiber Optics Cables

There are two basic methods of cable installation in a preinstalled duct – Pulling method and Blowing method. We do…

Manhole Installation

We deploy all types of new or existing telecom manholes while at the same time we ensure that the process is kept at the…

About Our Company

Committed to offering top quality telecom infrastructure services

Peanan Ltd is a construction company specializing in telecommunication infrastructure services. The company, founded in 1983 by Andreas Karasialis, was initially undertaking subcontracting telecommunication civil-work projects, mainly with CYTA. It was the time when the digital technology was introduced to CYTA’s network; this created the need to build a parallel digital network overlaying the existing analogue one.

Committed to Safety

The health, safety & welfare of our employees

The health, safety and welfare of our employees, supply chain and everyone affected by our works are of critical importance to us. Thus, maintaining and ever improving our safety and health culture are key objectives of our business.

Our ultimate goal is to have zero incidents and we work closely with our supply chain in order to achieve this target…


Our fleet of specialized machinery and equipment

At Peanan, we are very proud of our full collection of machinery, equipment and tools needed for any telecom construction work – from miles of micro-trenching to manholes and pavement construction.

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